logged out of Canvas

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Here is our situation:

We have iPads dedicated to our testing room. We are loading all assessments into a specific account/"class" supervised by me, the director of special education. We are loading these assessments as quizzes  in pdf format. If I load them as quizzes then the students can highlight the words and allow the iPad to read the text to the student. Since students can take screen shots of assessment questions then share these screen shots through the Canvas messaging system we have made "fake" student names for our 12 iPads. Students may listen to the test on Canvas, but submit their answers on the paper test, like all the other students. The iPads won't hold the fake student names when we load the quizzes. The students are timed out off and on during the day. The quizzes are loaded and marked untimed. If we load the assessment as an assignment then the iPad does not log the student out during the day. The catch is that the assessment is no longer secure due to not being able to put the access code on the assignment. We use these iPads for students in grades 9-12 so multiple tests are happening at the same time.

How can I keep the "student" logged in all day to take quizzes without being kicked out. I don't want to reveal the passwords to the students

Thank you.