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Last Interaction and Last Activity in Analytics Beta

On the Student list,  what is included in the "last interaction" and "last activity" metrics?

Also does this tool read interaction and activity prior to adding the tool to the course?

Sara Udelhofen analytics beta last activity #last_interaction

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Hi  @udelhsar ‌! Yes, Analytics Beta will contain historical datasets. You can find more definitions in our FAQ. Please let us know if there are missing terms you would like defined.

  • Last Interaction - The date of last participation prior to the course concluding
  • Last Activity - The date of last page view prior to the course concluding


Best, KH

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Thank you  @Katrina-Hess ‌

For Last Interaction - what constitutes participation?  Submitting an assignment,  any type or specific submission types? Taking a quiz?  Discussion posts?

For Last Activity so just clicking on the course from the dashboard and viewing any page within the course but not having to do anything.  


Hi  @udelhsar ‌, that's exactly right!

Best, KH

Hi Katrina

Would you know where I can download the full list of users with their "Last Activity" data in Canvas...?

Hi  @khairulnizhar ‌, currently when you click the download icon (to the right of the mail icon) the CSV will return a list of students with "Last Page View, Last Participation, Last Logged Out". Is this what you're looking for?

315530_Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 9.10.00 AM.png

Best, KH

Hi Katrina,

Is this in the Grades page?



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Hi  @khairulnizhar ‌, you can find this in the Analytics Beta section in the course nav.

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Best, KH

thank you katrina Smiley Happy

Best Regards,

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