Convert New Quizzes Item Bank into Old Quizzes Question Bank

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I made the terrible mistake of creating a ton of algorithmically generated quantitative questions in an item bank on New Quizzes.  Well, New Quizzes is non-functional when it comes to downloading item analysis and using for any intelligent assessment purposes and so I need this bank to be in Old Quizzes. There is a work around going the wrong way---getting Old Quizzes banks into New Quizzes via quiz export and reimport, but what about the other way? I need to convert a New Quizzes item bank into an Old Quizzes Question Bank. You can't even export New Quizzes at all! I know now I should never have used New Quizzes in the first place--I'll never make that mistake again, but is there any way to recover from this mistake, short of re-creating all of those quiz questions in Old Quizzes?