Does "New Quizzes" have anything to recommend it?

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So, I just used New Quizzes for the first time and it seemed like a nightmare.  I found it extremely difficult and frustrating to use since it has so many parts and you can't navigate between parts without backing all the way out of the quiz.  The save feature is also inconsistent so it's also hard to know what is and isn't saving.  Then I found that it can't give you analytics for ?48? hours after the test?  It's been 60 hours and I'm still waiting.  Is there anything good about "New Quizzes?  After spending time in the forums, it seems to only do about half of what Classic Quizzes did and then it does it worse.  What am I missing?  What does it have to recommend it?

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Hi there, @StephanieAshley ...

You are correct that New Quizzes is not a 1:1 comparison to current Classic Quizzes.  There are some new question types in New Quizzes (i.e. Hotspot) that are not in Classic Quizzes.  I don't know if you've seen this document, but if you go to this page: New Quizzes Transition Toolkit - Instructure Community (, you'll find a link for "Classic Quizzes/New Quizzes Comparison Document".  I don't know if this document will be a direct answer to your question, but at least it might give you an idea of what is possible with New Quizzes vs. Classic Quizzes.

Hope it helps in some way!


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