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I propose that Canvas drop the version of "new quizzes" and simply incorporate the new question types into the current quizzes.

New Quizzes offer some additional question types that are very interesting, however at what cost? We are losing too much functionality to gain 4-new question types.

It appears that there are no other new enhancements except for the 4-new question types.

It seems obvious that the "new quizzes" were designed by people with little or no end-user experience and they are likely not professional educators with pedagogy backgrounds and education.

It is also obvious that the "new quizzes" did not go through UAT. Is there a BETA environment and who did the testing?

What are the "unintended enhancements," what other areas of Canvas will the new quizzes impact? If your answer is "no other areas are impacted" then it is clear "new quizzes" have not been properly tested.


The "new" terminology introduced is confusing and some is unprofessional.

Do not change terminology because a developer thinks it sounds better - we, professional educators, are the ones working with the product, not the developers.

The product should be developed with professional educators in mind, and the proper use of grammar and terminology is paramount.

There are far too many clicks for what was previously very simple. If developers are adding more clicks, then there is something wrong with the new design.

Do not hide what was previously on the front screen.

Question banks do not transfer - this is a HUGE problem - please do not make light of this and offer a workaround. Question banks MUST transfer!

What is the purpose of using of the word "item banks" - just stay with “question banks” - we all know the question banks will contain mixed media, they already do.

What is the purpose of using the word "fudge" in relation to Canvas quizzes?

BUILD - move this button to the top. Why do I have to scroll to the bottom to move to the next screen when I am not making any changes to the quiz?

Also, do not use the word BUILD, or do I have to BUILD the quiz every time I open it? EDIT is the correct word. We build once, but we will edit often.

Where is the link to manage question banks?

Why are "new quizzes" developed outside of Canvas?

Please, do not fix what already works, do not change terminology and redesign the interface just to make it look NEW. We do not need NEW, we need functionality that works.

The "new quizzes" are forcing the end-users to spend too much time relearning how to create a quiz. This time would be better spent learning about the "enhancements"

Though the new question types are enhancements, the new design of quizzes is not an improvement.

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Hey there! I am so sorry to hear of your frustrations using New Quizzes. I know as a former teacher, change is hard, especially when transitioning to a new tool. I completely sympathize with you and want you to feel completely supported during this process. To help, I have provided some resources and advice below regarding New Quizzes. 

As an avid user of both quizzing tools, I am very partial to New Quizzes because of the advancements in quizzing technology, especially as it relates to the student experience (i.e., new question types, ease of use, accommodations, additional settings, and more). I'd like to share with you some helpful resources below that could be helpful for your transition to New Quizzes. 

  • Why New Quizzes PDF- this infograph provides you with a snapshot view of the many benefits of New Quizzes, no matter the role type. 
  • Instructor New Quizzes Readiness Checklist- as I mentioned before, change is hard, and a lot of that can stem from the inability of knowing where to start. This checklist provides you with the information you need to get started and how to do so. You can make a copy of this template, make adjustments, print it out, and use it as you see fit. 
  • New Quizzes Instructor Guides - all of these guides provide you step-by-step instructors for anything related to New Quizzes. I hope you find them helpful as questions arise about the tool. 
  • Dear Danielle video on New Quizzes Question Types- this short video will help you learn about the new question types and which scenarios they are best used for. 
  • Dear Danielle video on New Quizzes Accommodations- as someone who taught classes solely with students with accommodations and special needs, this tool inside of New Quizzes is such a game changer in regards to efficiency and accessibility. It is by far one of my favorite features not only inside of New Quizzes but in all of Canvas. 
  • Previous New Quizzes webinar for "New Quizzes Newbies" - this webinar was designed for users like yourself who are green to New Quizzes and need help getting started in learning how to use the tool. We got a 100% positive response rate from over 800 individuals saying this webinar helped them not only understand how to use New Quizzes but felt the time spent with New Quizzes experts was a great use of their time. I hope after watching it, you feel more empowered to use the tool. 
  • At any time you can preview a New Quiz to see what it looks like from a student perspective. I've included a screenshot from my instance to show you what it looks like.

I hope this information is helpful for you as you begin your transition to New Quizzes. Additionally, I would recommend reaching out to your Canvas Admin to see if your institution has any resources, processes, etc., they would like you to follow or use as it relates to your New Quizzes transition. Have a great day! 

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