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How do I use the icons and colors in the Grades page as an observer?

How do I use the icons and colors in the Grades page as an observer?

There are different icons on the Grades page. Depending on the type of assignment submission, grading rules, and comments, you will see different icons.

Submission Type Icons

Submission Type Icons

The following icons represent different assignment submission types on your student's Grades page:

  • Document Icon [1]: File upload submitted, not graded
  • Discussion Icon [2]: Graded discussion submitted, but not graded
  • Quiz icon [3]: Quiz submitted, not fully graded (contains questions that must be manually graded, or an auto-submitted quiz score has been deleted and needs to be reassigned); can also display if a quiz has been edited and includes major changes that affect the quiz score, such as deleting questions or deleting quiz answers, and requires a grader to manually resolve
  • Text Icon [4]: Text entry submitted, not graded
  • Link Icon [5]: A URL has been submitted, not graded
  • Media Icon [6]: Media recording submitted, not graded
  • Visibility Icon [7]: Score is hidden while instructor is grading; you will not be able to view your grade, submission comments, or quiz responses until your instructor posts grades for the assignment

Note: Some external tool assignments may display a dash instead of a submission icon after your student submits the assignment.

Submission Details Icons

When your student's teacher grades your student's assignment, the grades page displays a blue dot next to the assignment [1]. The indicator disappears when you navigate away or refresh the page.

Assignment updates may also include additional icons representing submission details:

  • Discussion Icon [2]: Assignment comments
  • Check Plus Icon [3]: Scoring details
  • Rubric Icon [4]: Rubric details

Grading Types

Each grading type shows up differently on the Grades page. Here you can see how each grading type is represented:

  • Check Icon [1]: Complete grade
  • Number [2]: Grade shown by number of points
  • X Icon [3]: Incomplete grade
  • Letter [4]: Letter grade
  • GPA [5]: GPA scale
  • Percentage [6]: Grade shown as a percentage
  • EX [7]: Excused assignment; this assignment cannot be submitted but does not factor into your overall grade
  • Dash [8]: No submission
  • Grade Info Icon [9]: Points earned from this assignment do not count toward your final grade

Note: A dash may still display in the Grades page after your student submits an assignment for an external tool assignment.


When an assignment's details display in gray text, this assignment has been dropped as part of an assignment group calculation and does not factor into your student's total score.


The status column displays labels for assignments that are late or missing. If an assignment was submitted after the due date, it is identified as late [1]. If an assignment has not been submitted by the due date, it is identified as missing [2].

Originality Report

Originality Report

If your student's teacher uses an originality tool, you may be able to view an originality report for your student's submission. To view the originality report, click the Originality Report icon [1]. The icon color indicates the percentage of text matched by the originality tool. A timer icon indicates the originality tool is still checking your student's submission [2].

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