How do I view Collaborations as an observer?

If you've been invited to join a collaboration by a teacher, you can access the collaboration from Canvas. Collaboration files can also be viewed your online account for the collaboration type (OneDrive or Google Drive, respectively).


  • You cannot view, join, or participate in a collaboration unless invited by a teacher.
  • Depending on your student's school's preference, your Collaborations page may not match the images shown in this lesson. However, functionality of the page remains the same.

Open Collaborations

Open Collaborations

In Course Navigation, click the Collaborations link.

View Collaborations

View Collaborations

The Collaborations page displays all collaborations where you have been invited to participate. For each collaboration, you can view the name of the collaboration [1], the description (if applicable), the person who created the collaboration [2], and the date and time the collaboration was created [3].

Access Collaborations

To access a file, you may need to authorize Canvas to access your Google Drive or OneDrive account.

Open Collaboration

Open Collaboratoin

To open a collaboration, click the name of the collaboration.

Note: The collaboration will open in a new tab. You may be asked to sign in to view the file.

View File

View the file in Google Drive or OneDrive, respectively.