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Comparable solutions to EesySoft

Our campus is looking into EesySoft as a tool that could help us track how users are using Canvas 3rd party tools within Canvas and provide contextual help documents and support directly within Canvas. I have spent some time going through the partner directory assuming there would be other vendors in this space, but I'm having a hard time finding anything. I thought I would throw it out to the community in case any one knows of anything else doing something similar. 

The idea would be that for a user who is using a tool in Canvas for the first time we could provide a support article when they first navigate to that tool with the option to chat with someone about it if needed. 

Any ideas? 

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Surveyor II

I don't have a suggestion for a comparable solution, which is why we went with Eesysoft 2 years ago. We had a pretty slow rollout, but with everyone in Canvas this past year, it has been invaluable to see which tools are being used, to provide just in time context help, and to message faculty and students. Eesysoft has a pretty amazing combination of messaging tools, context help, and tracking...not really the help you were looking for, I know! I'll be interested to check out any alternatives that others post!