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Instructor Help: Using Infinite Campus in Canvas

Instructor Help: Using Infinite Campus in Canvas

    Official Canvas Document

This document helps instructors with frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips when Canvas is integrated with the Infinite Campus Gradebook.

Preparing Assignments in Canvas

How does the Infinite Campus Gradebook integration work with Canvas assignment groups?

As an instructor, all assignments are in the Uncategorized section of the Infinite Campus Gradebook. You will have to move each assignment to the appropriate grading category in Infinite Campus.

How does Canvas choose which assignments are passed back to Infinite Campus?

Canvas passes back any assignment, graded discussion, or quiz that includes a check mark in the Sync to SIS option. This option determines what assignments are sent to Infinite Campus. The Sync to SIS option may already be selected for you, but you can still manually remove a check mark from any assignment that you do not want to pass back to Infinite Campus.

Additionally, Canvas assignments are also subject to the following details:

  • Due dates are required to send an assignment to Infinite Campus.
  • All assignment names must be unique or they cannot be identified by Infinite Campus. If a Canvas assignment has the same name as already exists in Infinite Campus, Canvas will not push data for that assignment to Infinite Campus.
  • Canvas assignments assigned to individual students or sections in a course or MasteryPaths via differentiated assignments do not post to Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus does not support this functionality. Assignments must be assigned to Everyone.
  • Assignment names cannot be longer than 50 characters.

Assignments: Canvas Guides

For help with SIS assignments, see the following Canvas Guides lessons:

SIS functionality is also supported in the following Canvas features:

Syncing Grades

How do I use the Canvas Gradebook?

Canvas does NOT receive any grade-level information from Infinite Campus. The Canvas Gradebook should be the source of all additions, changes, etc., that need to be altered in the Infinite Campus Gradebook. Following this best practice allows consistent data flow between systems and accurate data in both systems.

Please be aware of the following behaviors in the Gradebook:

  • If an assignment is scored with a decimal (e.g. 10.5), Canvas passes the entire score to Infinite Campus, but the assignment column only displays the grade as a whole number (10). But, by opening the assignment detail in Infinite Campus, it will show the score with the decimal as 10.5.
  • If an assignment is given more points than the total amount of points possible (e.g. 30 points out of 20), Canvas assigns the extra points as extra credit to the corresponding assignment submission in Infinite Campus.
  • The Attendance assignment in the Gradebook is not passed back to Infinite Campus.
  • The Learning Mastery Gradebook is not passed back to Infinite Campus.
  • Canvas does not pass back any weighted assignment information. To weight assignments, you must log into Infinite Campus and weight the assignments there.
  • Canvas currently does not pass back late designations for assignments.
  • Muted assignments are treated the same way as non-muted assignments. If you do not want to pass back a muted assignment, edit the assignment so the Sync Grades to SIS checkbox is not selected.
  • If an assignment with an identical name already exists in Infinite Campus, Canvas does not sync any grades; the assignment information will not be duplicated.

How do I sync grades to Infinite Campus?

Canvas supports an API-based integration for the Infinite Campus Gradebook. The workflow is as follows:

  • If you are using the legacy Canvas Gradebook, click the Export button and look for Sync to Infinite Campus.
  • If you are using the new Canvas Gradebook, click the Action button and look for Sync to Infinite Campus.

If you don't see an option to sync grades in the Gradebook, please contact your SIS administrator or Canvas Support for assistance.

Viewing Grades in Infinite Campus

How do I view grades from Canvas in Infinite Campus?

To view grades posted from Canvas, you must refresh Infinite Campus and open the Gradebook.

  • Grade distribution is a one-way sync from Canvas to Infinite Campus:
    • In Infinite Campus, you cannot change the name of an assignment that was previously pushed from Canvas, the connection between Infinite Campus and the original Canvas assignment is preserved.
    • Assignments are always added to the Uncategorized section of the Infinite Campus Gradebook.
    • In Infinite Campus, if you change a grade for an assignment that was previously pushed from Canvas, the grade is not reflected in the Canvas Gradebook. The next time grades are pushed to Infinite Campus, the grade will be overwritten with the existing grade in the Canvas Gradebook.
    • If you push a Canvas assignment to Infinite Campus and later delete the assignment from Canvas, you have to manually delete the assignment from Infinite Campus.

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Does anyone know what shows up in the IC gradebook if a teacher marks assignments in the Canvas gradebook that are missing, late, exempt, etc.?  I've tried to locate information but haven't had much luck.  Was curious if anyone had documentation on it.

Thanks, Dana T.



For my district, Missing items -- anything alphabetical in nature in Canvas -- shows up as a blank on the IC side of things. Some of our teachers do set the Missing to translate into a zero in Infinite Campus.

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