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How do I edit an event or assignment in the Calendar?

How do I edit an event or assignment in the Calendar?

You can change the date of an Event or Assignment by clicking on the Event or Assignment or by dragging and dropping the Event or Assignment to a different date. This lesson shows how to edit a calendar item, but you can also delete items from the Calendar. Please be aware that deleting a Calendar entry also deletes the associated content elsewhere in Canvas.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

Edit Event

Edit Event

View event details by clicking the event you want to view [1] and clicking the Edit button [2].

Edit Event Details

Edit Event Details

Here you can edit the event Title [1], Date [2], specify a time range [3], and Location [4]. You can move the event to a different calendar using the Calendar drop-down menu [5].

To add a location address or use the Rich Content Editor to add additional event details or links, click the More Options button [6]. Otherwise, click the Submit button [7].

Edit To-do Item Details

Edit To-do Items

If you assign student to-do dates to a page or ungraded discussion, the item displays in the course calendar. You can edit the to-do item Title [1] and Date [2], and specify a time [3].

To edit the discussion or page, click the More Options button [4]. Otherwise, click the Submit button [5].

Edit Assignment

Edit Assignment

View assignment details by clicking the event you want to view [1] and clicking the Edit button [2].

Edit Assignment Details

Edit Assignment Details

You can edit the assignment title [1], due date [2], and assignment group [3].

If your institution has enabled a student information system (SIS) integration, you can manage the assignment to sync to the SIS by selecting the Sync to SIS checkbox [4].

To edit assignment details, click the More Options button [5]. Otherwise, click the Submit button [6].

Edit Appointment Details

Edit Appointment Details

When editing an appointment created in the Scheduler, a different menu will appear than assignments or events.

You can edit the description [1] or limit the amount of users for this appointment [2]. To submit your changes, click the Update button [3].

Drag and Drop Event or Assignment

You can also change the date of an event or assignment in the same calendar by dragging and dropping the event or assignment to a different date on the month view or mini calendar [1]. Click the event or assignment, drag to the new date, and release your mouse.

You can add items from the Undated list to the course calendar by dragging and dropping the item to a desired calendar date [2].  Adding items from the Undated item list to the calendar assigns them a due date and removes the item from the Undated list. The item displays on the student-specific List View dashboard and in the global and course home page to-do lists.

Note: You cannot drag and drop appointments created in the Scheduler.

Undated Items

Undated Items

You can drag and drop undated assignments to and from the month view of the calendar [1] or mini calendar [2]. Notice the due date of that assignment will change to 11:59pm on that day. Moving events or assignments to the undated items section will remove the date.


The calendar for one of four classes is not marking assignments complete as they are submitted.

He requested my assistance in identifying the solution for resolving the problem being experienced in the calendar for his class.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

For additional point of reference for isolating the problem and providing a solution, homework assignments are completed using LMS MyLab/Mastering to the Pearson platform, so I suspect there could be an issue with the Pearson platform providing feedback to the calendar when assignments are completed, however the grades are updated in Canvas when complete, so that may negate platform communications as a root cause.

Thank you for your time and assistance in providing a solution.

If you prefer to communicate with the Professor directly, he is Professor Curtis Connors, and his FA2020 curriculum is MATH-178-3449. 

Thank you for your time,



Todd Johnston


Hi @johnston_todd,

I do think that you might be on the right track that these assignments are displaying as crossed out because they are external tool assignments. We can definitely look into this more from a documentation perspective and see if this needs to be included in our documentation.



Thank you for your response, I conducted more comparisons of subjects that completed work are marked complete with strikeouts opposed to the issues experienced with my MATH178 calendar, The work entered isn't entered as an Assignment or discussion board. Nor being assigned a completion action button, as noted in the subjects that are completing work on the calendar and to-do lists. I believe the issue is more about how assignments get entered than Pearson links to Canvas.

I copied the link for the instructor guide provided and forwarded to my MATH178 Professor for consumption and increased understanding of Canvas admin.

Thank you again for your time and have a fantastic day.


Todd Johnston


You have a great day too, Todd!

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