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New Analytics: FAQ

New Analytics: FAQ


How do I enable New Analytics in my account?

Admins can enable New Analytics with the Course and User Analytics feature option.

When do I have to use New Analytics in my account?

New Analytics has been enabled in the beta environment by default, and institutions can turn it on as they'd like in production. New Analytics won't be enabled for all institutions in the production environment until posted in Upcoming Canvas Changes‌.

How long does it take to see data in New Analytics?

When the New Analytics feature option is turned on, it takes up to 24 hours for data to display. After that, new data is updated every 24 hours.

What do Last Interaction and Last Activity mean?

  • Last Interaction - The date of last participation prior to the course concluding
  • Last Activity - The date of last page view prior to the course concluding

Learn more about analytics page views and participations.

How is Average Grade calculated?

The Average Grade is the average of all student totals from the Gradebook.

Will students be able to see New Analytics?

Yes, if they have the course role permission to view analytics (Analytics - view pages), they can view their analytics through the People page or through the New Analytics link in Course Navigation.

Can I delete New Analytics for my institution?

New Analytics is enabled by the New Course and User Analytics feature option in Account Settings. Canvas admins may choose to not enable New Analytics at this time by not enabling the feature option. 

What are the differences between existing analytics and New Analytics?

New Analytics has a few notable differences as noted in New vs. Old Analytics:

  • New Analytics displays data by week. This change was made to improve performance. If daily analytics data is required, data can be viewed through other mediums, such as Live Events. Additional enhancements will continue to be made to New Analytics.
  • The user experience has been simplified to focus on the most pertinent information in a more easily readable format. High and low grades are displayed when selected.
  • A course average for students is currently not available in New Analytics; however, it will included in an upcoming feature that allows a user to view data based on a customizable setting by course.

I just created an assignment—why isn’t it showing up in New Analytics?

In order to ensure a responsive and scalable experience for users, the new New Analytics data refreshes every 24 hours. 

How does the Course Grades chart order assignments?

Assignments are displayed by due date with the most recent due date on the right. Assignments without a due date are on the far right.

Where do I see known issues relating to New Analytics?

For more information, please see the New Analytics: Known Issues page.

Does the use of this LTI tool change any data related to Canvas Data?

Use of the tool will not change the underlying data. Users will be able to send messages directly from Analytics, which may increase the use of messages. However, the data itself is not affected.

Why is New Analytics not loading for very large courses?

The dimensions that affect Canvas performance are student enrollment and assignments. Courses can be large in either or both of those dimensions. To test the scalability of Analytics we use a metric we call course weight, which is calculated simply by multiplying the number of students by the number of assignments: Course Weight = # of Students X # of Assignments.

For our testing we successfully tested up to a course weight of 50,000. Any courses with a higher course weight may not load. However, any loading behavior in courses with a course weight of less than 50,000 (which is 99.7% of all courses in Canvas) should be reported to the Canvas support team. Courses with a section weight of more than 100,000 are unable to load New Analytics and get a message that the course is too large to load. Section Weight = # of Sections X # of Students.

How can I provide feedback for New Analytics?

The Ideas space is a great place to provide feedback to the product and design teams.

Are dropped students included in New Analytics data?

Only enrolled, active students are included in data for New Analytics.

Where can I learn more about the Online Attendance Report?

View the FAQ for Online Attendance tab.

What is coming up next for New Analytics?

The roadmap for New Analytics includes the following upcoming releases:

  • Account Analytics

Available updates for these releases will be noted in the New Analytics: Release Change Log 


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