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Global Account setting for "Treat ungraded as Zero"

Hey VET users

It is great to see "Treat ungraded as Zero" back in the gradebook as this is often needed in VET land.

I have put forward an add on idea to this and asking if you could please support and vote it up.

Our organisation needs to have the ability to set this as a Global Account setting so that everyone viewing the gradebook (students and teachers alike) are seeing the same thing.

Here is the link for you to go there and vote for it.


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This setting can be changed via API which means you can bulk enable it (For trainer).

If you are interested I can create a spreadsheet where you enter a list of course ID then it will automatically adjust the setting.  

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Thanks Jerry but our problem is not with what the teachers see but with what the students see in their personal gradebooks.

My suggestion should actually read "Untick Calculate based only on graded assignments" in the student viewed gradebook. This particular box is so frustrating as it reticks again EVERY time the page refreshes or you go away and come back to it.

Our teachers are fine with their view and know how to filter and change things, but try getting 250 remote access teenage students to untick the box every time they view their grades is like trying to get and keep Covid out of Australia...not possible.

If you have an API that is simple for me to use to untick the student "Calculate based only on graded assignments" that would be amazing. Keep in mind I am from a small institution so I am admin, IT, finance etc. I can usually figure out the simple stuff if given directions.

I just can't work out why this is not an option as I would think all tertiary institutions would want it unticked as the standard for their students.

Hope you can help.

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It's possible if you have access to upload Custom Javascript file (instructions here:

Then add the following code to the Custom Javascript file:



$(window).on("load", function(){ //Load the script when the page is "loaded"
if (window.location.href.match('/grades/')) { //only run this script on Grades
$("#only_consider_graded_assignments").click() //Click the checkbox
// $("#only_consider_graded_assignments_wrapper").css("display", "none"); // remove '//' before this line if you want to remove the checkbox from the page

This script will "click" (to untick the checkbox) for users when the /grades/ page is loaded

The custom Javascript file can also be used to set the option automatically for trainers.