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Blueprints are a powerful tool in Canvas. TasTAFE has 16 campuses in all corners of beautiful Tasmania and, therefore, we have  geographically isolated teaching teams. Blueprints allow us to have consistency across teams providing a better student experience.  Blueprints make updating and maintaining courses so much easier - we rely on them heavily.

We are so impressed with Blueprints that we suffer the tedious (yawn), monotonous (double yawn) mind-numbing task of manually locking down all the pages, files, quizzes, assessments etc which is really time consuming.  So the idea is to add an option that automatically locks down a Blueprint (basically, it's just flipping the current logic).  So please vote for:

An option that automatically locks all files/elements in the Blueprint with the ability to manually unlock individual elements as required. 


Who rated this idea