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Let's talk student-centered learning in Canvas

Question asked by Jared Stein Employee on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

At InstructureCon 2015 we're focusing on student-centered learning, an idea that has been at the heart of Canvas from the beginning. But just having technology with the potential to support student-centered learning experiences isn't enough. We need to share examples of how this can actually work for real teachers and real students, across disciplines and grade levels.


"Student-centered learning" is sometimes broadly interpreted to mean everything from active learning to personalization. We want to focus on student-centered learning as an educational approach that aims to develop students' capability for self-directed, lifelong learning by granting them more choice, control, and responsibility for the learning process. Student-centered learning is by nature active learning, and includes approaches like inquiry-based or project-based learning. Because student-centered learning shifts traditional roles toward learners, we must also deal with issues of mindset and motivation.


I'd like to get a conversation started here in the Canvas Community around student-centered learning that will carry-on through -- and beyond InstructureCon:


  • What teaching practices have you seen that are truly student-centered?


  • In what ways have teachers or designers leveraged Canvas to facilitate student-centered learning?


  • Have teachers connected real-world, student-centered tools or services (personal web sites, blogs, wikis, social media, etc) to Canvas for their students?


  • How have students themselves taken advantage of Canvas features to support their own learning?