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Has anyone created a student community that is run by students?

Question asked by Joe Allen on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Joe Allen

Our school system is considering setting up a Student Community at each school that is run by, and for students and only monitored by teachers.  This would encompass an overall course for announcements and resources and would make extensive use of groups for sports teams, academic and social clubs and more.  The challenge I'm running into is what permissions to give certain students so that they can in fact act as the teachers of the course.  We want to provide a small select group of students the ability to author pages, send out announcements, post resources, create modules, online polls and establish groups.  Essentially they need a 'teacher' role, but our overall Canvas account has a custom java script that looks for 'teachers' and provides additional icons and resource access on the interface that students and parent / observers do not have.  So every customized role that I've tried to create from teacher triggers the extra icons / access which we cannot allow.  Modified Student and observer permissions are inherently restricted and do not allow for creating or managing groups, adding pages, assignments, sections, course state, creating discussions, add/remove students / teachers.   


Has anyone done something like this, and/or do you have suggestions on how we can give select students a lot of control like a teacher, but one that is not based on 'teacher' permissions?