How to Open Canvas Data Files in Tableau

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This guide is a quick intro on how to open Canvas Data files within Tableau.

Video instructions for this guide can be found here: How to Open Canvas Data Files with Tableau



1. Go to the Canvas Data Portal at the root account level

2. Download the tables you need

3. Unzip them - various programs can unzip .gz files such as WinZip

4. Add a .txt extension to the unzipped file

5. Open Tableau

6. Under the "Connect" options, choose "text file"

7. Select the text file you downloaded from Canvas Data in step 2

8. Open the file


Resolving Headers

Once you open the file, you will notice that there are no headers for the tables. There are two ways to approach this


Option 1 - Manually Add Headers

Go back to the Canvas Data Schema documentation (found in the Canvas Data Portal) and search for the table you downloaded. The columns in the documentation are in the same order as the text file that you download from Canvas Data. You will need to go back to Tableau and enter in the headers one at a time.


Option 2 - Use Canvas Data CLI Tool

Utilize the Canvas Data CLI Tool that will download the data for you with the headers. You will still need to add the .txt extension to the file. You can find instructions on how to get started with the CLI tool here: How to Use the Canvas Data CLI Tool

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