Masquerade as Students in Canvas Catalog

Idea created by Champion on Feb 22, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We would like the ability to masquerade or act as students in Canvas Catalog for the following reasons:


    1. To diagnose issues with logging in and accessing their In Progress or Completed courses

    2. To be able to view student's transcript for customization purposes (if necessary)

    3. To determine if students have received a certificate of completion 

    4. To be able to drop student's from courses upon a student's behalf


    The reason why these items are important is that we have received emails stating that a handful of students need assistance accessing their courses, how to access their transcript and customize it for their employer, and a handful of students have not been receiving their certificate of completion in their email. In addition, we have had requests to drop students from courses due to different circumstances.


    Here are some images of what students see: