Extend Course for Individual Student

Idea created by Jason Hill on Apr 15, 2015
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    As an administrator, I would like the ability to extend a course past the course conclude date for an individual student, so that the student can make up the work for an Incomplete Grade. For example, at our institution, an Incomplete Grade may be issued to a student under extenuating circumstances (i.e. severe injury, death in the family, etc.). A student who receives an Incomplete Grade is expected to make up the course work within a few weeks of the actual course end date. As it is now, extending the course end date extends it for every member of the course, which can cause confusion for students who have successfully completed all of the objectives for the course. Enabling an administrator to selectively extend a course for a specific student would assist faculty in managing coursework for students who undergo difficult times during the regular period of instruction.



      Response from Instructure

    June 10 update from Allison Weiss

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments and examples. They are always so helpful. This idea overlaps with the rolling enrollment idea that has surfaced before (student specific start and end dates). It also overlaps with a general concern that users have expressed around workflows related to concluding terms, courses, sections, and enrollments.


    After talking this over as a product team, we've decided to make researching course conclude workflows a priority during the next six months. It doesn't mean that we'll be able to resource it this year, but it does mean that we're committing to having a solid plan in place that we can begin to prioritize one phase at a time. I'm also going to work with our community team to identify feature ideas related to course conclude workflows. I'll be in touch shortly with a group link for voters, similar to the Canvas Focus Group: Printing Quizzes and Canvas Focus Group: Extra Credit we've recently launched.


    Look forward to working with all of you to tackle this important issue.