Visual Indicator when points assigned are above the maximum point value of an assignment

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    I would like for a visual indicator to confirm that a professor and/or TA wants to assign a student points that are higher than the value of an assignment.


    Example:   An assignment is worth 2 points and the Professor/TA assigns 4 points to a student.


    Here's the process as I envision it:

    1. Professor/TA assigns point value higher than what the assignment is worth.

    2. The point value changes color (red?) indicating that the points assigned are higher than the value of the assignment (maybe also a yellow exclamation mark?).


    We recently had a professor who, not paying attention, awarded points for an assignment on a 100 point value when the assignment was based on a per instance value and there are only 2 instances required.  A warning flag of some type could have prevented this.


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