Hide grade columns for teacher gradebook

Idea created by Chantal O'Brien on Oct 14, 2015
    Open for Voting
    As a teacher, I would like to be able to hide gradebook columns in my gradebook after I have completed grading or if the assignment has not yet been assigned.  This would shorten the length of the gradebook that I need to currently scroll across to get to the most recent assignments to grade and limit the potential for accidentally clicking on a cell and changing the grade while navigating.  I know that I can resize the columns individually, but I want to be able to hide or collapse the columns and get them back, if necessary.  There is currently a suggestion for hiding grade columns from students open for voting, which is a different type of request.  My same suggestion was recently made by Letty but archived as being the same as the request to hide grade columns from students, which is not the same thing.  Richard has also suggested hiding the grade columns as part of a multiple issue request.