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Canvas team, any chance you could put the guides back to their old URLs? By changing the URL you have broken several links in every course in our entire system. 😫

P.S. Your site footer links are broken, too.




Update: Canvas is aware of the issue and has it listed on their status page. (thank you @James and @mtutin for that update!)
I'll mark this as solved as soon as the issue is fixed.

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Hi Lori,

Thank you for coming and providing this feedback.  Based on all the comments and kudos from fellow community members they found it helpful as well.

Yesterday during the community platform migration, we ran into a few unforeseen hurdles.  One of those was that not all community content and links were redirected to their corresponding migrated content items or locations in the new platform.  As of a short while ago we now believe that all official and user created content redirects are working.  Sometimes in the old community guide articles would be redirected to other articles and then archived.  Bookmarks to those older, archived and redirected guide articles may still not be working.  We are working to address that.  In the meantime if a user arrives at a 'Page not found' message in the new community when following an old saved link, they can usually find the topic they are looking for by searching and coming to the new version of that content.

If you have questions about this or anything else related to the migration, please let us know.

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