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Cool branding?

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Who is doing something cool with branding on their sites?

If you are, what are you doing that's cool and different, and how difficult has it been to keep updated as Canvas updates their own CSS?

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As always, Kenneth you ROCK! and now with Kware, your famous.

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I'd like to revive this thread now the the new UI is in use (or will be soon) almost everywhere. We plan to turn on the new UI on 6/15/16 and are testing things now. One possibly dumb question I have is: if we have more than one JS file we need to use, do I just concatenate them? We have the ReadSpeaker integration, which uses a JS file, and I want to do some branding stuff, specifically adding the Resources drawer for extras like Library links, or maybe the "add hide help links for new UI".

Any clues to how to proceed would be great!

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Hi Lindy, in the new UI you use the theme editor to upload custom CSS and Javascript to a global file. So just like you can have multiple entries in your CSS file you can do the same for your JS file. Your Global JS file should have all the customized JS you'd like to use in your Canvas instance.

 @fosterl ​, you can combine all of the JavaScript into one file, just be aware that errors in your JavaScript will prevent anything after that error from running. If you have a secure server where you can store files, you can also use jQuery to load additional files using getScript().

$.getScript( "https://url/file.js""> );

You can use this to load multiple files without the need of combining everything into one.

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Thanks Kenneth, that answers my last question. I will give the jQuery solution a try when I have time as well!

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This thread is great!

I've done a fair amount of customization of the login page but I am having difficulty resizing the logo area so that it will display my logo larger. Does anyone know the CSS class I should be targeting?

Thank you!

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Have any of you relabeled your Canvas instance with a different name, other than Canvas?  If so, would you be willing to share what you call your "Canvas" platform?  What or how did you modify the labeling of the mobile apps?

This is something we are exploring, as we are looking to create a closer connection to the platform with our user community.  The current Canvas label is known, but not well understood.


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Hi, Ryan.

I work at Columbia Business School. We have our own Canvas instance separate from the University. The University calls their Canvas instance "CourseWorks2". (The original CourseWorks was built in Sakai.) At the Business School, we just call it Canvas.

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I know you've probably considered this, but do you use Canvas support, or use the default Help links to the Canvas Community/Guides? I ask because I have seen questions in the "Answers" section of the Community that say the person is having trouble with [insert unfamiliar name], and it's always a head-scratcher as to whether they're referring to some external tool, and if their institution refers to Canvas in general as [unfamiliar name]. Which leads to confusion for both the person asking the question and the people trying to answer the question.

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Community Coach

I may be an old stuffed shirt, but unless a school is using the open source Canvas, and hosting on their own servers, renaming the product seems to me like trying to claim ownership where ownership is not due.

Canvas is a great product, and we are proud to fly its flag.

As at least one other person has noted, sometimes calling a rose by a different name can only lead to some serious confusion when seeking support. We have had several instances in the Community of students seeking help with Canvas, but they named it by their school's branding; and many, including myself, thought they were asking about some third party integration.

Just my $0.02 worth!