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Have you used Starfish with Canvas?

I'm interested in using Starfish/Hobson's early alert with Canvas. So I'm looking for any feedback from existing users? It has a good review in the Instructure EduApp, so I'm thinking someone had a good experience with it. Any feedback or suggestions would be great! Thank you! Kristen

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Community Coach

 @khimmerick ​, We haven't used Starfish, but we looked at it when deciding on which early alert system to go with. What we ended up going with was dropout detective​.  @Chris_Munzo ​ could tell you more about it if you're interested, but we love it and have seen a significant increase in retention and student success (getting an A,B, or C in the class). I also did a presentation on this at InstructureCon last year -

You'll probably get more responses to this question in the Canvas Admins​ group so I'm going to go ahead and move it over there if that's ok with you!

Than k you for your response! I hadn't heard of Dropout Detective but will get a demo of it as soon as I can. I'm trying to find time to watch the presentation.

Thank you again!!!

PS, Barrett from Canvas suggested that I post this here.

No problem  @khimmerick ! Is it ok for me to move this question over to the Canvas Admins​ group?

of course!

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We are also looking into Starfish and would love to hear from others who are using it.

I installed Starfish on a Blackboard system last year. We never made it out of the testing/evaulation phase. We ended up not using Starfish for two reasons, staff adoption and technical issues with Starfish.  Our staff were fully ingrained on a system of Excel reports and we didn't have the motivators to get them to change their existing process.  Where the basic functions of Starfish worked beautifully, getting custom alerts configured out of the system was extremely difficult.  Getting granular alerts out of the system was also difficult.

I did really like the scheduling feature in Starfish. Faculty and tutors could set availability in Outlook and it would populate down to the Starfish registration options.


 @khimmerick ​, we are using Starfish as of this semester. Being brand new the adoption rate is still quite low so I don't have much specifics I can add at the moment but if you have a particular question I can try to get you the answer. From what I can tell the integration has gone pretty smoothly from a technical point of view except the course navigation item shows up even on public courses. There have been some complaints by faculty that the system requires them to fill in information (like office hours) when they don't actually have specific office hours (online classes). Anyway, let me know what you'd like to know and I'll try to do some research for you.