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I am a college professor, and I frequently give recurring assignments such as a weekly reflection paper wherein the students answer essentially the same questions each week about that week's materials.


It would be great to be able to create this one time with the due date, points value, etc., and then make it recurring for every week rather than having to either create new assignments and copy/paste the content (but still assign all the values), or use Commons, which I find to be very cumbersome, and which still requires me to change all of the due dates, etc.

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This would be so helpful in my unit planning. My students would see what was coming and it would save me time in planning.

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I read through all of these posts and admit I did not read through the "multiple due dates" feature submission.  I definitely support the idea of recurring, but I believe simple recurring is just too limiting.  So the idea of being able to select the dates on the calendar that you would like the separate assignments to go would be an excellent and highly useful feature.

I see see a teacher, either from the "more options" choice within the calendar or from in the course editing the assignment, being able to select a "copy to [date]" button that allows you to select days from a mini- calendar that would create those unique/individual assignments and tags them with a number indicating its occurrence. "Journal entry 1" then "journal entry 2” and so on...

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+1 for us, our high school is behind this.  Excellent feature request to help Teachers with recurring participation, journals, etc...

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ddrake​ and  @blinford ​here is another one you may want to Vote Up!  Thinking about the Student Acknowledgement Statement assignments for sure Smiley Happy

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Done and done!

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Also, done! Thanks for thinking of us!

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Agreed!  I'd like to see it expand to reflect recurring daily assignments especially for Performing Arts and PE teachers that assess participation.

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I like this, but would request that it allow a certain number of times, not just recurring on a certain date. We have classes that require X journals/blogs/logs during the term, but all are due on a specific date. Some do them weekly, some do a few a week, some skip a few weeks. It's such a pain to update up to 29 times (for one of the courses)!

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I agree as well. As  a parent of a student who struggles with organization and time management Smiley Happy, I'd love for my child to gain access to his assignments well in advance. (One of the strategies I'm teaching my son is to continually look ahead at what's coming up on his agenda/calendar.)

And as a teacher, I'd like to be able to provide assignments to my students well in advance. As in most calendar and productivity tools today, a "recurring" option is a must!  Thanks for reading my thoughts on this.

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This is a very interesting idea.  I appreciate you all sharing the scenarios around recurring assignments and the difference between copying and recurring.  I would be very interested to know more about the scenarios in which this feature would be used.  I have my assumptions, but would like to hear your ideas.

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