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I would like to see more granularity in the report of course analytics such as page views, duration of visits both from desktop and mobile devices.



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Hello Catherine,

Thank you for taking the time to submit to the feature ideas forum.

I just now updated your idea submission to the queue that will open for vote on May 5th.



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This is definitely a feature we need to properly analyse some of our most important courses.  Thanks Catherine for submitting for vote.


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One item that I'd like to see is a CSV download of the data that is creating the various charts/graphs within the Analytics pages.


I agree on both granularity and content.  We recently discovered that mobile app page views are not logged anywhere in the Canvas reports at the course or account level.  Mobile app interactions are logged (like an assignment submission or discussion post), but not page views.  This is critical for our virtual program as we use our course usage data as an attendance of sorts and many students use mobile devices to access their course content.  This represents a huge gap in the usage data, and we would like to see that included as part of this feature.

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This is my number one feature request for mobile. The mobile app is like a black hole when it comes to analytics. I would just be happy at this point knowing how many users even access Canvas from the mobile app at our institution. It's possible that because of how the mobile app gets data, compared to the web, that this might ultimately be a separate feature request. We'll see. (:

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I agree with this- thank you for submitting this ticket! We also found out that mobile apps have caused issues with us trying to track students who have not logged into Canvas in the first week of class. It would also be nice to have one page that give a comprehensive overview of the class and who has viewed the content in the class (whether this is accessed by module or some other area). we used to have a comprehensive bar chart in eCollege and we could take a look and quickly see how much time the students were logging in each module. The faculty request this feature all of the time. More data would be better to understand student patterns. Thanks!

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We just started using Google Analytics in our instance, which is a full blown tool for tracking and reporting the information that is being discussed above. I'm no Google Analytics expert but so far it seems to be providing us some great metrics.

As  @mlattke  mentioned, I doubt this is capturing the mobile apps because this relies on code in our Global JS, which I believe is incompatible with mobile apps.

Here's a shot of my current dashboard page (click on it to enlarge).


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If you use Google analytics that won't be giving you the same student-by-student breakdown that Canvas could.  Also if relies on your Canvas JS, how accessible is it to teachers?

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Hi Marcus,

Any of the dashboards set up in Google Analytics can be shared or you can even use the Google Analytics APIs to design custom web pages and applications using powerful data visualization tools such as D3.js​. Teachers need not know Java Script to access, view and leverage this information. The Canvas ENV also includes variables such as role (teacher, student, etc.) and you can make dashboard widgets for a particular course or teacher or student. The possibilities are endless.

Here's a widget just for one course


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I didn't know that. That's a big one for us as well since we'll be adding more 1-to-1 programs. Thanks for the heads up!