Exporting quizzes into Word or pdf documents

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Some of our departments need to have copies of assessments on file OUTSIDE of Canvas. I believe this request was first raised in early 2015. A Canvas person said the ability was about six months away. It is almost a year later and we have heard NO updates.


This is a BASIC feature that all LMSs should have. Canvas is so proactive in many ways and, overall, is the best LMS we have ever used, but this is getting ridiculous. It seems to be such an easy feature to implement too. PLEASE work on getting this feature ASAP; our schools NEED it.


Community Team Note:  A virtually identical idea was already open: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/1055-printable-pdf-exportable-quizzes  Contrary to our customary practice, we are allowing both ideas to continue to move forward. Votes and feedback from both ideas will be evaluated.




If you haven't already heard about the Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine project you might want to check out the InstructureCon 2016​ presentation our Senior Product Manager for Assessment, Deactivated user, made.  At 28:35 in the video, he talks about printing in the new quiz engine currently in development.  I hope this addresses your query but if not please let me know.


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Instructure Alumni

While this idea is archived, we are considering this feature for longer-term inclusion in the Quizzes.Next roadmap in some form.  More to come as we continue the work and make announcements in the coming months.

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Community Team

This idea will remain in the open voting forum as an idea related to Priority: Quizzes.Next

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I often NEED to print content from canvas (for EC students), easily exporting it to word, then printing it would be my preferred option

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Community Coach

This sounds like a great idea to compliment https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/2086-create-question-banks-from-msword?sr=search&searchId=500a...‌. If an MS Word file is importable, it ought to be exportable as well.

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This would save me a great deal of time.  Currently, I end up "previewing" a quiz and screen-shotting each question, and then placing those screenshots into a word document. I then submit the quiz to get the answer key (which I tend to just save as pdf and deal with the line breaks since only I need to be able to read it). (If I have the time, I instead copy and paste the text and images, then deal with formatting issues to get them to look reasonable in the resulting document, but if I'm pressed for time the screenshots require less fussing than a straight copy and paste to get something usable.)

This is a terrible workflow for a lot of reasons, but it is the fastest way I've found to get a printable version of tests that doesn't do horrible things with page breaks the way just printing the page does. I'd really like to do something less ridiculous.

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Printing out students' quiz answers should be considered as well, and that is very critical for essay type quizzes.

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Hello Jason,

I have watched the issue of printing quizzes go from idea to "radar" to "archived" over the course of 3+ years.  You have seen a huge outpouring of support and need from educators, and yet Instructure keeps putting it off, and off.   Have you ever tried to actually copy and paste a quiz?  The amount of reformatting, loss of special characters, huge space insertions, etc makes it a massively tedious and frustrating.   When WiFi goes out, I need a hard copy to duplicate at the last minute.   I see you guys sending out videos on the new novelities like photos in the course cards, but you won't move forward on something so basic and critical.  Why?

John T.

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Printing out of quizzes for quizzes taken by students is extremely important for many programs within higher ed.  Most important for accreditation for many programs.  This has been talked about being available for over 3 years now and needs to be moved up as a priority.

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I totally agree this is a very important feature that should be included in any LMS. I've been looking for an easy way to accomplish this for years. It's smart in so many ways to allow a word export. It would allow archiving of quiz questions outside of canvas and let you review/update quiz questions. Please make this a real options it would make life so much easier.