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Having the ability to organize uploaded video content within Arc would be a very helpful addition. Right now, videos appear in the order in which they are uploaded. In order to use the same videos again (future years), having folders to organize our content would make everything much easier to find. Thank you for considering!


This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas Studio

For more information, please read through the Studio Release Notes (2020-06-03)

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I agree that folders would be very helpful, but the tag option does help filter when you are looking for a video.

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Tag options do help, however it's clumsy. A folder structure would be so much better. If one could enable sharing/download a the folder level, all the better.

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I would love to have this option, we are just starting with Arc and already frustrated that I don't have this option.

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Course shells/courses may already add the order that folk are looking for in a new 'folder-ing' feature... folders labeled parallel to modules to those courses may help... but there's a good chance a new file management system to Arc isn't needed: again, course structure already providing order/management.  I could be wrong, we've only had Arc for about a month.. and in the summer.

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I'm also using the tagging feature to organize videos I upload to Arc as I build courses for instructors.  I include the six-digit course number as a tag (ex: 530-164) along with several other keywords.  (In the below example, this was a video from YouTube where I added keywords I thought would be helpful based on the title and the description.)  We have "master" courses, and instructors import course content from a "master" course to their own Fall/Spring/Summer course(s).  From an admin's perspective, it would be helpful to be able to create a folder per "master" course in Arc and then include any videos for that course in a course folder.

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As a teacher with three completely different courses that I teach, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to organize videos into folders. I can tag them, but it's still a bit cumbersome.

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We just migrated to Canvas, and as part of embedding media (audio) into SoftChalk as a music professor, I discovered that the public link and embed code options for Arc media solved a lot of the issues I was having; however, the first thing I thought about was organizing my media by folders, much in the way that the Canvas files system works. If this is the FIRST thought I had about implementing Arc media, it really needs to be implemented. I will tag, but it is a much clumsier system than a hierarchical folder structure.

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Folders or channels are needed.  Tagging is such an individual thing.  I am finding now microsoft teams and 365 has video with channels integrated I am seeing staff move away from arc 

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YES! This would be extraordinarily helpful. The usefulness of ARC is severely limited by its lack of organizational tools.

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Community Coach

And the ability to share folders / playlists with other instructors. This morning I finished uploading the first half of the Crash Course US history series for use in a class I'm teaching in the spring. I also managed to bring over captions (Thanks Canadian English!). While I could share each of these with individual instructors, it would be so much better to share a link.

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