New Quizzes Question Types - Completing a Table

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Often we need to reorganise our current questions where we ask students to complete a table. For example, a table may have 3 columns as below and students need to insert 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages (example below).

Tool Advantages Disadvantages
Hammer <student to complete> <student to complete>
Saw <student to complete> <student to complete>


Currently students have to copy and paste the table themselves into an essay response. This is cumbersome and some students don't do it. It would be wonderful to have a tool to build a table indicating where students need to type their response.

This may also be useful for having students complete forms - such as an example of a financial document (tax invoice) or a workplace incident form for assessment.

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Many of my institution's original quizzes use this function, if it was able to be ported to new quizzes and included in the migration tool it would save us a lot of time and resource.

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Let's face it folks, the quiz feature on canvas is horrible and any attempt to use it for anything but the most basic and trivial questions will lead to frustration and despair.

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This does seem like we've taken a step backwards with the new quizzes.  From a math perspective having access to the RCE  for fill in the blank is needed to create many questions.  An example is below.  As others have stated having the ability to place blanks wherever they are needed, is a must.  The work arounds are not practical and are not intuitive.  There are several bugs/issues, but this is one that has many hanging on to the classic quizzes.  



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What was/is really good about Classic Quizzes RCE is that you can embed the answers in the question stem which makes it far easier to read and answer the question - especially for younger students. It also reduces the size of the question and the time it takes to create.

It desperately needs to be fixed. Mind you there are a few other things competing with it.... ;O(

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When working with assignments, there are times when it would be helpful if students could interact with a table instead of downloading an assignment, then reuploading the filled document. I propose that there be a way for an assignment to be created where the submission type is a table. Perhaps a fillable table could be an option in quizzes or just an assignment.

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PLEASE make this a priority update! This is a simple function that already exists in old quizzes. I have a ton of questions built using tables and multiple fill in the blanks - I am waiting to migrate my exercises until this capability is available. 

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Please consider additional RCE question text editing for New Quizzes, under all questions types, similar to the RCE editing in Stimulus question type. 

Language professor migrated Classic Quiz to New Quiz. Has multiple fill in the blank questions. The question area in Classic quizzes consists of a table with the identifying information. The fill in the blank portion consists of 7 responses each with a variation x 4 of possible answers. 

See Canvas support Case # 08309592 for quiz item details. Quiz 9, question 6. 

Alternative in New Quizzes is to rebuild the extensive question with Stimulus question type to replicate the table and Fill in the Blank question to go with the Stimulus table. A lot of work to replicate. 

Can you investigate the details in the Case # and consider RCE for various question types or provide an alternative with fewer steps to recreate the content. Using New Quizzes is not easily transitioned in this case. 


See also:

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I also desperately need something like this for a major question type on all my language quizzes. Previously my institution used Moodle, which was clunky, but the quizzes worked so much better than Canvas "new quizzes," and I am spending hours upon hours rebuilding all my quizzes.

It seems that our pleas may soon be answered, since one of the next things on the New Quizzes to-do list apparently involves the RCE and fill in the blank questions.

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It would be useful for tutors to provide a semi filled in table and ask students to fill in the remaining columns.  It would also be helpful if students could answer questions with a blank table that they can create.

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It would be great to be able to create questions and/or problems involving a table, so that want the blanks in a table could be anywhere. This would give students multiple practice problems within 1 question if we could have a fill-in table question.