[Peer Review] Assign Peer Reviews by Student Group

This one has been suggested before, but I'd like to suggest it again: one of the options for setting peer reviews of assignments should be "by student group"--all members of a group are automatically assigned each other's assignments for peer reviews. This would save me a lot of setup--manually setting up peer reviews currently takes about 20 minutes per class, per assignment.

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 @isherman-youngb ​, thanks! I'll be sure to vote for this if it's picked up.  @BKINNEY  suggested these related ideas:

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The way peer reviewing works in group discussions can be considered to contain a bug. The image below shows a peer review for a students comment and post in another group. The peer reviewer is given the option to view the full discussion, but following that link gives an access denied message since the peer reviewer is not part of that group.

Suggested solution to fix the bug: implement the feature idea and remove the possibility of assigning peer reviews across groups in group discussions.

I've reported the bug as Case # 01275186

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I am currently working with a faculty member who is struggling with this. We'd love to have this option!

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Re-submitting my comment from a previous, archived Feature Idea, in case it helps this current idea with visibility:

Would like to add our voice to this as well, since this is a commonly requested and desired feature by some instructors at our university, and one that doesn't seem unreasonable. It's almost doable by using Peer Review in combination with Rubrics, but:

  1. It's too labor-intensive to assign the peer reviews one-by-one, especially in a class with 60+ people
  2. The person who is being graded can see the teammate who graded them
  3. The grades don't get totaled or put into the gradebook

One instructor allocates 100 points for each student to distribute amongst their group, including themselves. Setting this limit seems to make this kind of group evaluation work.

I haven't found a workaround in Canvas to make this type of peer grading within groups possible. It would be a great if not necessary feature to have if we're going to be encouraging group work and peer evaluation as a practice for deeper engagement.

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In addition to this, would it be possible to have students review other group projects, instead of their own group? Primarily looking for solutions for using groups and peer review features. Thanks

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 @dkirkley ​, our institution would love to see that emerge. Historically peer review of group submissions has been considered a feature idea separate from this one, about individual submissions reviewed within groups.  Here's a link to the previous feature idea in case you'd like to resubmit it now (I likely will eventually do so);

Also, a bug about peer review for groups has issue number CNVS-4606; our institution was advised that the fix depends on Canvas Studio: Speedgrader 2.0 completion. With luck that fix is still planned.

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Thank you for this suggestion. We may consider updates to the peer review process in a future release, but this will not likely become a part of our immediate roadmap. I suggest we archive this idea for now.

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This is an excellent feature request and would drastically improve the functionality of the peer review tool, especially in a physical classroom setting! Really hoping this happens sometime in the future. The Groups tool is great. The Peer Review tool is great. But it sure is ridiculous that there's no connective tissue between the two.