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I've searched on this topic repeatedly, so if it's been addressed, sorry. I would like to be able to run analytics on a specific file or assignment to see which students have accessed it. I know how to look at each student's record, but that's extremely cumbersome.  For example, I uploaded a PDF of model (anonymous) essays from the class and want to know how many students have looked at these before submitting their next essay. It would be helpful to run a report on that item.  I really dislike having to go student by student to see who has done what vs. being able to run a report on individual files or individual modules, etc.


Thanks, Andrea

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Please refer to Canvas Release: New Course and User Analytics.



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We were previously with ANGEL and miss this feature as well. Sniff~

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I would *love* to be able to see how many students actually read the syllabus I uploaded. to my coursesite.

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Really want this feature...


(a moment of silence for dear departed friend)...

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I think this is a great idea! This question comes up often when we are training new teachers in Canvas. This would certainly help us see what pages/resources students are getting the most value out of.

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As others have suggested, this will provide insights into both student behaviour and effective course design - a great tool for continuous improvement!.

I think it's important that it applies to pages, not just assignments, files etc. We are using Canvas data to extract more info but my understanding is that it doesn't provide info about students accessing pages.

Please let me know if I am missing something.


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Susan, I am able to see access for content pages.


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David, I agree.  I have added some content pages as a resource for students, and it would be helpful to see how many students have accessed the material.


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Thanks for all the voting and spirited discussion! We'll definitely consider adding this capability to Canvas Data as part of our ongoing coverage expansion for Canvas Data.


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Deactivated user​, that's helpful to know about possibilities for Pages data in Canvas Data.

Given the keen interest shown here, will your team continue to gather information on whether instructors and others might be able to obtain analytics for a single file or content item directly from a Canvas course?