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Community Coach

CanvasHacks Classroom

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8/15/2018 Update:  To sign up as a student, use this link:

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course once you share with them this URL: Alternatively, they can sign up at and use the following join code: 8R9H7B

 @chofer ,  @G_Petruzella  stefaniesanders, awebster

Hi folks, it looks like Scott the Magnificent has already created us a CanvasHacks public classroom to play in, and enrolled us as teachers.

Any thoughts on structure? I have a similar course that is mostly complete that I am preparing for my faculty that I could upload to provide a bit of structure. It is intended for non-coders, and has the following module structure:

  • About HTML and the HTML Editor - DO NOT FEAR THE CODE!
  • Beginning Users
  • Intermediate users
  • Advanced users
  • Sharing (sharing has a discussion and links to external resoursces

However, I am not a pushy sort, so whatever anybody else wants, I am more than happy to go along with. I can always upload stuff a piece at a time and fit it where I can.

My "lessons" are all one page, and include:

  • A brief description
  • The code snippet
  • Anatomy of the code snippet where I identify those components that are easy to modify by novices like myself
  • Instructions for use
  • Troubleshooting, and
  • Sometimes some obvious variations based on changes to parts of the code (colors, sizes, positions etc. - the minor stuff)

Let me know what your think!

Oh yah, and I also have a hokey Home page, because that's just the kind of guy I am:)

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Community Contributor

I would love to be added to the course, thank you!

Community Team
Community Team

Great idea, Kelley.

I created a course shell in  It looks like well over 60 people have already requested either student or teacher level access.  Those of you with teacher level access, feel free to invite your friends.  Anyone else interested, please comment to that effect.   @kmeeusen ​ and the super helpful  @bowmanr ​ have been great about going in and inviting folks. 



Community Team
Community Team

OK, I just went through and invited everyone who commented.  I wasn't sure who did and who didn't have an invite already (aka I am lazy).  Apologies if any of you received invite spam.

New Member

I wonder if the CanvasHacks should have a section on integrating external apps? We have been adding live video chat to course navigation using the Redirect App and tools such as  This approach works great for bringing a variety of add-ons into Canvas.   Demo added to CanvasHacks.  ​Our faculty love this.

New Member

Can you guys please re-add me as Teacher under this email address (I need to use a different email for this account because it is all getting wonky otherwise--I can't even get in with the previous one):

This is great! I already had a video chat account but I did not know about the redirect tool, and I ESPECIALLY like that I can add it to the Nagivation Menu (which I didn't think was possible). However, my chat video doesn't appear directly in the page. It makes me click again to go to outside webpage. How did you get yours to appear right there?

The Redirect Tool will bring in an external website with SSL into the course.  Mostly. works because the video opens inside the web page.  Other tools that use pop-ups or modals won't work the same.  We've done this with Zoom as well- which opens it's own window when you launch it so the student 'leaves' the course.  It doesn't look as nice, but is still fully functional.  Added a Zoom demo to CanvasHacks as well.

The Redirect Tool opens some doors for Canvas hacking. = )   We are currently building a website specifically to bring into courses with the Redirect Tool - to add functionality.  Since we can't hack much inside the system, we're building outside and bringing it in.   It's kind of...  custom app development that is hosted on our own server and can be embedded.  Gives us more capability.

Community Champion

 @scottdennis ​

Thanks for picking up the slack. I have not had the opportunity to look in on the classroom Since Thursday.

I am so excited to check this out!  Would you please add me as a student?

Thank you!

Lane Worrall


I have added you.


On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 10:17 AM, <