Can users receive notification email/push notification on their mobile app for a Institution type Canvas site?

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I would like to establish a Canvas site accessible to all staff and students. To simplify the process, I am considering setting it up as an Institution type Canvas site, thereby avoiding the enrollment procedure.

I am curious to know if staff and students will receive notification emails or push notifications on their mobile app when an announcement is posted.

During my conversation with the Canvas Support Team via the Chat feature, they mentioned that users will receive notifications. However, they were unable to provide me with an explanation of how this works, considering there are no users enrolled in this Canvas site.

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Community Coach

Hi @pctay,

As it seems you may have thought yourself already, as far as I'm aware, only users enrolled in a class will receive notifications.  Courses which are set to Institution or Public access may be viewable by people, but since they are not really enrolled in the course, thing like announcement notifications would not be sent to them.  They'd have to log in to the site and check it for new announcements or other content manually.

Hope this helps a bit!


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