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API scripting with Python: How to set 'include[]' parameter?

So, I'm hoping to get all submissions of a given assignment via Canvas API using a Python script.

Per this link:

...the solution is to set the Include[] parameter to 'submission_history'. But I'm not sure exactly how to do that when interfacing using Python (and specifically the requests library). I try setting the params this way, with no luck.

perpage = 100
params = {'per_page' : perpage, 'include[]' : 'submission_history'}

I also tried the above with

'include[]' : ['submission_history']

 That didn't work either. Obviously, when I call requests.get, I am setting params=params, and the change to the per_page parameter is working correctly. This is probably an issue with the syntax specific to the requests library, but I can't seem to find any info there. Hopefully someone here has wisdom for me 🙂

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