Add Certificate of Completion to Course as an Instructor

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I have a free instructor account. I want to make it so that as students complete my course, a certificate of completion is automatically generated and sent to them. So that I do not have to manually do it for each student, and also so that they are not waiting on me for their certificates. How do I set this up for my course? I've searched the forums for similar topics, but all of the previous suggestions seem to be for older versions of Canvas as I can't find the menus/buttons they refer to.


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Instructure Catalog has a built-in tool to generate certificates of completion, but Canvas does not.   Most of the solutions for generating certificates in Canvas require you to add an external app to the course, but thee only one I see that's available in Free for Teachers Canvas is Accredible ( )

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Canvas does not have an option for certificates of completion. You would need to use Catalog. Here is further information to look over.

What is Canvas Catalog? 

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