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Adding a rubric after students have submitted an assignment through turnitin

The College where I work uses turnitin (as an external tool) as part of the submission process for student assignments. In the past, when a teacher has needed to add a marking rubric to an assignment, the teacher has temporarily changed the 'submission type' to something else, added the rubric and then changed the submission type back to 'external tool' (turnitin). Over the last day or so, we have found that once students have uploaded an assignment, we can no longer change the submission type from 'external tool' and therefore can't add a rubric. Does anyone have any suggestions of a way around this?


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @trent_wilson,

I am a member of the Canvas Community team and not an actual teacher or faculty member. I believe that the reason why you cannot change submission types once work is submitted is so you do not lost student work. Obviously having the teacher add the rubric ahead of time is preferable, but life isn't perfect. I do have a few ideas that might be worth looking at:

 1) Could you use availability dates for the assignment so students are not submitting work before the teacher adds the rubric?

2) Could you utilize rubrics within Turnitin itself?

Hi @ctitmus,

Thanks for your response. The issue we have is that up until this week, teachers have been able to temporary change the 'submission type' for an assignment so they can add the rubric and then have changed it back to 'external tool' afterwards. Because they knew they could add the rubric later without issue, they have factored this into their planning. 

In the past, changing the submission type even when students have uploaded a task through turnitin has not meant their assignments have been lost so I'm not sure why this feature has now been changed. 

No longer having the option to add a rubric after submission is also problematic as there is no way now to edit a rubric (for any mistakes) after students have started to submit their assignments. For one of my classes, I have a marking rubric where I have accidently repeated one of the criteria but there is nothing I can do to change this now. 

We could just move to using turnitin rubrics for future tasks but it's just an issue right now as using rubrics in Speedgrader has been the process for online marking at our College up until this point. 

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I literally did this--added a rubric after external submission--about three weeks ago. Can't do it now. Canvas, not all of your users are on semester systems, and rolling out changes when we're in the midst of our final grading crunch is incredibly inconvenient.


Hi @trent_wilson,

It’s Maryna, Community Manager from Turnitin. I would suggest emailing the Canvas administrator to clarify everything. You can also research the Canvas Deploys section to investigate the case.

If you want to learn more about rubrics within Turnitin, you can check the links below:
for Administrators 

for Instructors 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help you. 

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This has caused no end of problems....

Changing the submission type has never caused a loss of student submissions.

Now I'm having to find a workaround for all our Turnitin submissions....oh joy!

Thank you Canvas!