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Another Professor has shared her "sandbox" with me. I noticed she has little icons within her modules. Where did she get this modules and how did she attach them to the text items within the module?

I don't want to bother her with such a question, but it helps bring attention to certain items on your home page!


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Hi @VanessaWallace ,

There are lots of Youtube videos on how to add emojis to text headers. I like this one:

When you choose emojis, remember not to rely solely on colors for differentiation. I've seen teachers use red, blue, and green circles, but that won't help a student who is colorblind. Instead, you'll want to pick different shapes: circles, stars, squares, and so on.

Have fun!

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Hi @VanessaWallace -

I wonder if they used emojis! When I taught, I used emoji's within modules to help feature important elements. (I even used the 📌  in the title of the current module so it stood out while students scrolled through the list.)

On a Windows device, press . and the Windows key to get the shortcuts to the emoji library.

On a Mac, press ctl, command, spacebar to get the shortcuts.

Otherwise, a quick web search for "copy and paste emoji" or "emoji library" will bring up a lot of results.


A quick tip though -- when using emoji's to help with course navigation, use them sparingly, meaningfully, and consistently. Students will quickly associate actions or tasks with them, and you also want to be careful not to overwhelm with too many to remember!


I hope this helps!

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