Allow a single student to avoid requirements/prerequisites of a module?

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We have our modules set with requirements that won't allow the students to move from one to the next without completing certain assignments. Each module is set with the previous module as a prerequisite. One of our students has had an extended absence and we need to allow her to jump in where the rest of the students are and come back later to complete the modules she missed.

Is there a way to make this possible? How can we give her access to modules that have prerequisites she hasn't fulfilled? Can we override the prerequisites for a single student?

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There's kind of a way. 

IF the module completion requirements are all assignment based (submit to..., score at least a...), try this: 

  1. Excuse the student from all of the module requirements for the prerequisite modules by typing EX in for the grade for each assignment in the gradebook. 
  2. Delete the EX grade for each assignment. This will make it clear that the student still needs to complete the assignments, and will open quizzes back up for submission. 

I tested this in a course with one of my dummy accounts, and it worked. I was only working with completion requirements in a single module to unlock one other module--no chain of dependencies. But, it may be worth testing to see if it works on a more complex system of modules. 

I'm going to guess that this is probably unintended system behavior, but as long as you're willing to monitor it, you should never hesitate to exploit a bug that adds functionality!

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