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Allowing only certain students to resubmit while the assignment is still open

My assignment due date is next week. I only wanted a maximum of 1 submission per student and my settings were set as such (limited to 1). 

A student has accidentally submitted their assignment early and wants the chance to resubmit. How do I let THIS STUDENT ONLY resubmit? 

From my understanding, if the due date/until date had passed, I would have been able to then select the student in question, change the dates and let them have an extra submission since the rest of the class would not longer have access. However, because the assignment is still open, if I change the submission attempts the whole class will have another attempt? Is there a way to only allow the student in question an extra submission? Can I delete that student's mistaken submission? 



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Hello @AlanaJohnston 

I understand you have some questions about Assignment resubmissions. 

If you have your assignment setup to only allow for one submission, then the student who needs to resubmit would not be able to do so, unless of course you alter the submission attempts allowed for the assignment. This can cause problems if you are worried that other students will also resubmit. If that is not a concern then you could temporarily allow for the assignment to accept 2 submissions, and have the student to  re-submit. Once they have submitted, you can go in an change the allowed attempts to 1. When you check speedgrader you should be able to evaluate both submissions and use the latest submission for the final grade. 

Another thing I have seen some instructors do is they will set up an additional assignment for the resubmission, and only assign it to the student who needs to resubmit. From there you can excuse them from the original assignment and then grade them on the resubmission assignment. 


Hopefully this helps!