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Assign full credit option for open-ended questions in quizzes


Is it possible to set up an open-ended question to assign full credit and to be able to choose that option either before or after students have responded. This was possible in Blackboard and oh so convenient.

Example: I assign a quiz with an open-ended question intended to collect students' thoughts on a topic. It is graded in order to encourage students to respond thoughtfully. 150 students respond. I am able to download all their responses via the student analysis and scan the spreadsheet to see that all of the students provided a reasonable response. Now I want to go into the quiz and set that question to give all students full credit. Can I do this now without having to go through and manually grade the 150 responses? If yes, please do tell how! If no, please, please, pretty please for the love of God make this a high priority new feature? Saving anyone from doing something 150 times -- c'mon, what could be more important? 

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