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I have been receiving an error message when trying to add a team member to an unpublished course. They were previously assigned as a student to two other courses with no issue, but no matter what I try to add them as (Student, Observer, Teacher), I keep getting the same error message. They've confirmed that they have not had any issues logging in previously. I also tried uploading their information using the SSI import again, and still had no luck. I've also confirmed with our leadership that this team member has admin access. Need help figuring out what verification is required.

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Hi @Aundrinea ,

You have posted someone's email address on a global site; please remove the image, redact that information, and repost the error message.

Based on the error message, it seems that the user may need to go into their own Settings on Canvas and verify their email account. A user can operate in Canvas courses without being verified, so this user's previous status as a student does not indicate that their email has ever been verified. The user should go to Account->Settings and look for the email address on the right side. If there is an exclamation point (!), the user should click on it and follow the onscreen prompts.

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