Blueprint Sync Knocks Out Home Page Settings

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We use a blueprint, we have a "Get to know your Canvas course" page in a module for faculty. Modules are, by default set to Modules in our blueprint. 

From what I understand, us changing content in the page that is in the module and syncing should just update the page, that is the only thing that changed. I did not select to include course  settings. 

Instead, all instructors home pages were  reset to modules after I synced today. 😫

Most of our faculty just roll with the punches but a few will undoubtedly will, and have, complained. 

Any way to prevent this from happening? We wanted to be able to update that page throughout the semester if needed but that seems like that will not work. 


Thank you for your help. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Jul_Cro,

Was this the first time you did a sync from that blueprint course to those associated courses? Blueprint courses will sync all content on the first sync. If that wasn't the first sync, though, and you did not have the "Include course settings" box checked, I'd recommend reaching out to Canvas Support as they can view your specific courses and investigate why this is happening.


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