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Broken Images (still) on Safari Version 15.2 (17612.

There's these huge broken white boxes, instead of a line divider. 

It's fine on Chromium browsers, but why is this happening on Safari? I do not want to switch browsers all the time, as Safari is my main browser. All extensions are turned off and history/cache cleared, prior to taking this screenshot.

Cross-tracking prevention is turned off (unchecked).

This is NOT present when I use the Canvas Student app on iPadOS or iOS.




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Community Team
Community Team

Hi! I'm sorry that you continue to have broken images while using Canvas. Have you reported this to Canvas Support? They should be able to diagnose the issue and possibly connect your issue with any others that Canvas users have reported.

How do I contact Canvas Support? How do I get help with Canvas as a student? 

I actually just saw their article here.

It seems that Canvas engineers are aware of this. However, the article refers to Safari 13.1.  There has been 2 years worth of updates to Safari since then, but no resolution has been made.

For now, I've been using Chrome for Canvas specifically to ensure nothing goes wrong during quizzes or assignment submission with the broken images. It's kind of inconvenient because I prefer Safari on the Mac. 

That's totally understandable and it sounds like you have done most of the troubleshooting already for this. What we would recommend is also trying in a "Private" window but because you verified this works in other browsers the last thing we can think of would be to uninstall the Safari browser and download it again so you can be sure you have a fresh version. If it's still not working I would suggest contacting our support line/chat and give them all these details so they can investigate further. Thank you!