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Bulk Remove Quiz Users From Video Quiz

I am an instructor and I assign video quizzes for my classes. The students have 1 attempt per video quiz. If they end up retaking the course, their 1 attempt is carried over (it appears to be linked with the video quiz itself and not the semester or Canvas course), and they will not be able to attempt the video quiz in the new semester.

The only remedy I have found to let them attempt the video quiz in the new semester is: navigate to the video (under the My Media tab), click the analytics button, select the "quiz users" tab, and delete the attempts of each individual student manually. I then have to do this for each video associated with a quiz.

This process is tedious and time-consuming. Is there an option to remove all user data for all video quizzes at once? This would be incredibly useful at the start of each semester.

Here is more information about the process I used to create these video quizzes in case it is relevant. I make the video in Kaltura and upload to Canvas. Under the My Media tab in Canvas, I use the video editor to create a quiz (with embedded questions) based on the video. I embed this video quiz in an assignment by using the External Tool submission type and selecting the Kaltura Video Quiz option.

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