Can students download their own grades?

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I know that I can download my students' grades as a csv, but can they download their own? 

Every semester about this time, I get flooded with emails from students wanting me to calculate their grades for them and tell them if they "can still get an A." It's depressing to me that they don't have the basic math skills to figure this out for themselves, but here we are. I'd like to set up instructions for them on how to download their own grades and use excel to check scenarios. At least it would give them a little professional development in excel, even if they can't figure out how to set that up on their own! But I can't see instructions anywhere for students to download their own grades, which would be necessary for them to take control of the calculations. Are they not able to do this? Are there any good work-arounds to let them copy the info over to excel?

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I am not aware of a way for students to export them, but if they go to their Grades page and highlight all of the rows, Copy/Paste will put it into Excel as columns. If they highlight the headings of the columns in Grades before copying, it even formats the headings appropriately:

Grades Excel.png

This will just require students to edit as you want them too, so maybe remove everything except the name and score. It also will not format the score in a way that easily converts to a percentage (the added space before and after the slash affects the calculation), so students would have to create another column(s) to copy the numbers into so it can be used for calculating. But this at least gets everything into Excel surprisingly formatted. I've seen other things outside of Canvas where it will put everything for each row into a single cell.

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