Canvas Admins Losing Permissions - ILP?

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We give our advisors an admin permission set in Canvas.  It seems when they register themselves in Banner for a course as a student, ILP rebuilds their account and they lose those admin rights but I'm not 100% positive that's what's happening.  Any thoughts on how to prevent this?


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Hello @Justin_Reynolds 

Thanks for posting this in the Community! 

I'm not 100% sure on why that is happening for your specific user. However, I know that Canvas typically recommends setting up two separate accounts as far as those roles go. For example: If you have an admin who wants to test things out as a student, you would want to setup two separate accounts for them. One being a student account and the other an admin account. The student account would want to be setup with a different email and login than the admin account has listed. This should ensure that the roles and permissions don't get mixed up. 

It sounds like the sync that is taking place from Banner to Canvas might be overwriting some of their admin permissions for some reason. 

Let us know what you find out on this! 


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