Do students loose access to their ePortfolio when they graduate and lose access to Canvas?

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We are considering using "Folio" within our Canvas instance, the ePortfolio built by Portfolium.  When our students graduate, they lose access to Canvas. Does this mean they will lose access to the Folio (ePortfolio) they built while they were at our institution?  

Thanks for any guidance!

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Thank you for posting in the Community!

Thanks so much for @Chris_Hofer and @NoahBoswell1 for answering this question as both are correct.

After graduation, a students profile at will still exist and will not be deleted.

If a student were to lose access to their email associated to their account, they would lose the ability to update the password and if they forgot the password, this could stop them from being able to access.

To avoid this, we suggest students add an additional personal email to their account just in case they lose access to their student/ institutional email address. This would allow them to access the account and update the password in the case of their email being disabled. 

This would be done on their account at

Here is a reference for that as well:

This is the same for the Canvas Credentials product, which we recommend adding additional emails to the account in question to give another avenue to update the password and login.

Hope this helps and thanks everyone in this thread for being a great part of the Community!

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