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There has been a change in how "unread" applies to a message.

When an inbox message is clicked on, the button should change from blue to white, meaning it should be marked as "read". Then I can change or mark it "unread" if needed. 

Now, this does not happen. When I click on a message, it is not marked "read", however if I refresh the page, the message is marked "read".  

This is a problem because there are some messages that I need to immediately mark as "unread" but can no longer do this until after the page is refreshed and then I have to hunt for the message. 

The last upgrade created this problem. Spring 2022 semester the Inbox worked properly, now there is a problem with marking a "read" and "unread" with messages I have not responded to.

Please review and correct this issue. 


4/13/2023 This problem has not been resolved. 


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@bsr @ffeldon @Chris_Hofer -

a few weeks ago I sent in a bug report to Canvas and explained what all of us were seeing.  I explained that it had changed around October 22.  We went back and forth on some apsects of what was happening and I sent them a video showing them the phenomeon.  I received the following message from them yesterday:

"Hello, We've deployed a fix for this issue in our Beta environment. If all goes well, it will make it to the live Production environment on May 10, 2023. This ticket will remain in an "On-Hold" status until then. Admins and instructors: Feel free to try out the fix if you have time. As a reminder, your normal login should get you into Beta if you simply add ".beta" to your institution's Canvas URL (i.e. ""). Keep in mind that the Beta environment has outbound notifications disabled (it's for testing only). Apologies to any students who are receiving this message; testing in Beta is most often disabled for students at various institutions. However, rest assured that we are working to have this issue addressed soon. We will notify you of any changes to the status of this fix. We appreciate your time and attention - if you have any questions about this message or this fix, please feel free to contact Support. Keep Learning! Support Panda Notifier of Things"

I just checked in my Beta environment and it is working in it, so with fingers crossed, we will see it in production on the date above.


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