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Canvas Section Not Showing in Navigation

In my Navigation Bar, I cannot find 'Section'. Thus, I could not bulk assign students to certain Section. Anyone face the same issue and know the solution?? 

Thank you!

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@revouprojects This sounds like maybe something custom your institution may have created.  I can't think of any "Section" areas that shows in a navigation bar that is native to Canvas.  If you go to your course "Settings", there is a section tab that you can use to create new sections.  Then in the "People" area of a course, once you click the "+ People" button, there is a drop down of all the sections so you can enroll the student(s) in that section.  Beyond that, I am not aware of any section areas in the user interface.

Maybe if you have a screenshot of where it normally would show for you, we could verify if it is something custom or what exactly is going on.

Hope this helps!