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When I attempted to submit a PowerPoint presentation for my course, when partially submitting it Canvas froze and remains frozen whatever I do. My course is ET-550 at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace. Why did this happen? How can I unfreeze Canvas to try again in a way that Canvas will not freeze? I am a student. 

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@KatharineHouk ...

Sorry to hear that things froze for you when you were trying to submit a PPT presentation for your course.  Unfortunately, we here in the Community do not have access to Harford International University's Canvas environment or any of their Canvas courses.  So, we wouldn't be able to do a deep dive into troubleshooting this.  However, there are some general things you can try on your own:

Hopefully one or more of these options will work for you.  Please keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!

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