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I've manually assigned peer reviews to a group of students, and it shows up in their To-Do list.  However, they are getting 'access denied' error while accessing it. 

For context -

The assignment is created for 'everyone', but only half of the class is required to submit it. After the due date, the other half of the class is manually assigned peer reviews.

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Hi there ar2024, 

I am sorry your students are encountering the "Access denied" message.  Without any specifics, it sounds like there might be something in the setup or the publishing of materials that is triggering this error.  You may want to check that the students who are encountering this error are actually assigned a peer review/have a reviewer. You should be able to see this in the "peer reviews" page where you set up the peer reviews.  If this checks out, you may also want to look into the modules page to ensure the assignment is part of a published module.  Again without specifics, I cannot say much with certainty. My apologies.  

My recommendation is to contact Canvas Support to see if they can inspect your specific assignment and the students who are encountering this error to make sure things are set up correctly.  If you are unsure of how to contact support this guide has steps for you.  Please be sure to include a link to the assignment where students are seeing this error, the specific error as it appears for students, as well as the names of the students who are encountering this behavior.  By including these details, support should have sufficient information to get to the root of this behavior.  



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